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Enjoy the first ten minutes of THE BLUEST EYE for free!!!! Courtesy of the Huntington Theatre Company. I am grateful. 


My daughter Journey and I worked on this during the height of the pandemic. It is raw and honest, Ashe.

Harvard Divinity School Convocation Ceremony Honoring Toni Morrison

For all my Friends who were not able to attend the Harvard Divinity School Convocation Ceremony honoring Toni Morrison. Here it is! All of the speakers and performers were excellent! The Divine Ramona Peters @ 4:30,

Dr. Brother Cornel West @ 15:50,

Myself at 19:30, Dr David Carrasco @ 39:17 and Danilo Perez @ 1:10:54! Please Enjoy!!


This show was the culmination of a thesis project by Precious Lopez, an amazing advocate for social justice. Directed by Jacqui Parker this powerful show was recorded and aired by 22 - CityView Cambridge. An amazing dialogue with audience members follows the 20 minute play. Please enjoy!!

Harvard Business Publishing

A clip of me playing Kendra Jones, a Marketing Editor. She is having a tough time finding communication harmony with her co-workers. Enjoy!

I have such fond memories of this shoot. The Harvard Business Publishing team are so amazingly warm and talented. I adored how this clip turned out. Major love to my fellow actor Alexander Platt...You are a PRO!

Soul Stir

Hiking with Journey led to impromptu poetry on a mountain top. I wrote this for my sister Rachelle: SOUL STIR. I hope it improves your day a little. Miracles are everywhere. 

The Young Achievers School: 5th Grade Ladies Take on Bullying.

This video clip below highlights a portion my work at The Young Achievers School in Boston. These beautiful young ladies devised a piece to educate their peers about the evolution of bullying in America. Thank you Nicole Olusayna, Susanna Jackson and Company One for you support in making this video!!


This was a film bravely taking on the impact of domestic abuse. It was a hard hitting film that was so much fun to execute. The team was amazing... BRAVO BEYOND MEASURE PRODUCTIONS!!

Shockheaded Peter Rehearsal Clip

This is a video that highlights the rehearsal process in making Shockheaded Peter. Music is by Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys. A huge nod to Steve Bogart, the ensemble and Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken toys for a beautiful collaborative creative process. 


This was my first feature role in a major film. Goodness was I proud of this work and to play with the talented Larry David. Released on HBO.  Much Love!

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